About Me

I received my AB in Physics from Princeton University in 2008 (yes, that's a bachelors degree; it's all pretentious and Latin-y).  However, my minor was in Quantitative and Computational Biology.  This training has been a huge factor in shaping the kinds of research projects I have pursued.  As a Biophysics PhD student at Berkeley, I believe that physics is more of a way of looking at the world—an interest in fundamentals and first principles, combined with quantitative, mathematical analysis—than a discrete set of lab subjects and techniques. 

My research in the Eisen Lab, while heavily leveraging new techniques, isn't really techniques focused.  To paraphrase Newton, if I see farther, it's by standing on the shoulders of giants, but I'm not afraid to try out a few different giants to see which is the better to stand on. I think current generation "Next-Gen" sequencing is a fantastic tool to test hypotheses and help refine predictions on a scale that was unprecedented even a few years ago.

I'll also periodically post thoughts on whatever bee is up my bonnet on my blog.